People stress me out

as an anxiety therapist, I have found that there are two groups of people who are stressed out by other people:

people pleasers and the conflict avoidant.

anxiety turned you into a people pleaser:

You are so busy taking care of everyone else and making sure they are happy. You don’t even think about what you need or want.

If you do think about what you want, you sure as hell don’t tell people. You don’t want to upset them or hurt their feelings.

If you even consider telling someone that you can’t do what they want, you start to feel selfish and mean.

You feel completely overwhelmed by everything you are doing to get other people to like you.

Maybe you even start resenting the people around you for everything you do for them that they don’t do for you.

You start to worry that you are codependent.

anxiety caused you to be conflict avoidant:

You avoid conflict at all costs because it makes you anxious. Or there’s just no use in arguing with the people around you. You probably never learned how to do conflict well. You might even think I’m crazy that I think there is a way to do conflict well. Your family might have focused more on being nice to everyone regardless of how they treat you. They never taught you how to stand up for yourself. Or you were surrounded by family members with really strong opinions about the way you should do things. And arguing with them never went well. You worry about being a burden, a Debbie Downer, or a weirdo. You feel like you can’t be yourself around other people, especially if you were bullied. The only time you can relax is when you are alone and you might not ever get that. If you do ever get alone time, you worry what your friends or coworkers thought of that thing you said 3 days ago. Some people say that you keep everybody at arms’ length or have resting bitch face. But you know that you’re just shy, have trust issues, or that other people make you anxious.

Anxiety therapy can help the people pleasers and the conflict avoidant:

Enjoy time with other people.

Let people like you for who you truly are.

Let other people do things for you. And take care of you the way that you take care of them. And feel good about it all.

Have more good friends or maybe even a partner.

Together, we’ll start to identify what you really want.  And how you can communicate that to the people in your life in a way that feels good for you and them. You can start with an anxiety therapist in Denver or Colorado Springs today!

“We are not afraid of being who we are. We are afraid of the consequences of being who we are.”
Michael Sieck

Online anxiety treatment in Colorado

Online anxiety therapy is just as effective as in person anxiety counseling. CBT for anxiety is just as effective online. And we can still use  somatic therapy techniques and sound therapy online.  

Some people with anxiety prefer online. Especially if they have social anxiety.

You won’t have to see people in my waiting room or outside my office. You’ll be less likely to go along with things just to please me or avoid conflict. Such as where to sit or the temperature of the office. You may not have to ask for help with transportation or babysitting. More flexible scheduling means you may not have to ask for time off from work.

You can do online therapy in Colorado with an anxiety therapist. Whether you live in Denver, Monument, Parker, or Castle Rock.

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